The Gallery

This page is just for a bit of fun! Please send in either photos or short video clips of what you are getting up to while we are not able to meet together. You can also send in any other image files. These can be emailed by clicking on the button below and attaching your files. If your video is too large to email you can save it to your own Dropbox account and send me the link, or upload it to your own YouTube account and again send me the link. Let me know if you want any help in setting these accounts up.

If you include some basic details of who took the picture, where it is, or other greetings or comments I can include these so that they pop up when the cursor is hovered over the image. You can also click on the image, which opens up the photo viewer allowing you to scroll through all the pictures.

Click Here To send in your photos, pictures and videos

Thank you for all your photos.

So many photos have been sent in that it has started to slow down the speed that this section loads. I have now changed it so that only the last 15 photos load straight away. To see the next 15 just click on the ‘load more’ button below. 

Lock Down Videos